Dhamaal concert (on Feb 12) to have drummers from Manipur !

“Dhamaal”, the special drum and percussion concert curated by Aneesh Pradhan, and scheduled at Baajaa Gaajaa 2012 on February 12, 2012 will include drummers from Manipur. The participation of Manipuri artistes Sanjoy Singh, Ranbir Singh, Sunder Singh and Nilachandra Singh has been facilitated by Anjika Society for Manipuri Dance and Movement Therapy in Kolkata, founded by eminent artiste Priti Patel.


Dhamaal is a celebration of drumming traditions from India and other musical cultures.  Folk drummers from various parts of the country collaborate with
other percussionists, vocalists, guitarists, and more, to weave a tapestry of rhythm.  Each group of drummers brings to the collaboration the special language and technique that is associated with their instruments.  Dhamaal features Dilip Das and group (Kolkata), Sanjoy Singh, Ranbir Singh, Sunder Singh, Neelachandra Singh (Manipuri drummers from Anjika Foundation), Rameshwar dholi and group (courtesy-Jodhpur RIFF), Taal Vadya Pathak (Pune), Dhangar dhol and halgi players from Shahir Azad Naikawadi kala pathak (Kolhapur), Haridas Shinde and Rajesh Baghe and group (Alandi), Ben Walsh and Bobby Singh (Australia), Pratap Rath (Mumbai), with guitarist Max Clouth and bassist Marc-Inti Mannel Saavedera (Germany), Sudhir Nayak (harmonium), and vocalists Avadhoot Gandhi (Alandi), Sriparna Nandi and Vidhya Gopal.  Experimental visual creation by Sigmasix, a Geneva-based company (courtesy-Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council).  The concert is curated by tabla player Aneesh Pradhan and the ambience has been designed by the fashion icon Sabyasachi.
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