Adil Manuel & Vasundhara Vidalur spearhead a collaborative outfit based out of New Delhi. Their musical spectrum spans Jazz Fusion, Funk, RnB, Blues and Gospel. Extensively working with artists based in India and abroad, their focus has been the creation of new sounds and energies through collaboration, exchange and cross-influence.

Besides Adil Manuel (Guitar) and Vasundhara Vidalur (Vocals), the core members of the band are Saurabh Suman (Bass) and Sava Boyadzhiev (Drums)

Their summers are generally spent touring and playing at international music festivals like the Féstival Tout Le Monde Chante (TLMC) in Villefranche de Rouergue (France), Festival Corne d’Or in Istanbul (Turkey), Centre Mandapa in Paris (France), Clef d’Or in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). In a couple of these festivals they have been the first artists from India to be invited.

With a large bi-lingual repertoire of standards and original compositions, their shows have a mix of songs in French and English.

In addition to their collaborations with numerous well known solo artists and bands in Delhi, they have worked with musicians from Turkey, France, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Argentina, Brunei, the Reunion Islands, the USA and counting.

With their varied influences and an ever-evolving sound the members of Adil & Vasundhara continue to experiment and record extensively.

Their EP was released in June 2010 and they have just finished recording their debut album at Yashraj Studios, Mumbai.

Show Reel –
Facebook – Adil & Vasundhara
Google and YouTube – Adil and Vasundhara
Email –
Adil Manuel +91-9810907816

Arjun Verman


Avyakta literally means unexpressed. The member of this fusion-rock band are:

Vocals – Shantanu
Trained in Hindustani Classical Music for over 10 years, this disciple of Shubha Mudgal loves to perform with like-minded classical and fusion music enthusiasts. He has also worked as a manager for the record label Underscore Records.

Lead Guitarist – Vipul
A self-taught guitarist, Vipul is a music composer and performer by profession. He is ardently involved in the entire process of creating the band’s music – from writing to programming.

Drummer – Swarupa
Swarupa plays drums in the band. She is a disciple of the renowned tabla icon Zakir Hussain. She has been learning the tabla for more than fifteen years. Her versatile personality enables her to play other percussion instruments like djembe, dhol, dholak, darbuka and many more. Working as Marketing Manager in EMI music, she also freelances with well-known artistes.

Tabla – Abhimanyu Herlekar

Abhimanyu started learning the tabla under the guidance of his father Nandan Herlekar in Belgaum. Since the last ten years, he has been learning under the able guidance of Dr. Aneesh Pradhan.

Abhimanyu works in Tata Consultancy Services as an Information Analyst.

Bass Guitar – Keshav Iyengar

Hailing from Pune, Keshav plays regularly with noted artistes and bands.


Ben Walsh

Ben Walsh is a driving force in the Australian music scene, and his trademark high energy drumming is currently featured in numerous acts including Tom Tom Club, The Bird, Crusty Suitcase Band and Circle of Rhythm. He has also been a member of TaikOz, Dha, Pablo Percusso, Taal Vadya and more. His composition work has been commissioned for everything from dance works to theatre works to film scores and more.

Contact Top Shelf:

p: +61 2 9519 4149

Bhimanna Jadhav

The sundari is a rare wind instrument, also known as the younger sister of the shehnai. The instrument was developed by Baburao Jadhav in 1928. It has since then been played by members of the Jadhav family from Maharashtra.

Bhimanna was introduced to the sundari at the age of four. He received training from his grandfather Sidram Jadhav and father Chidanand Jadhav. He made his public debut at the age of seven and had his first broadcast for Yuvavani, All India Radio, Solapur, in the year 1991.

He is continuing his training under Vijay Sambhyal and Rajendra Prasanna.

Bhimanna jadhav is an A Grade artist of All India Radio and has received the Surmani award from Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai.

Bobby Singh

Born and raised in England, spent a great deal of his childhood in Mumbai studying at Sangeet Mahabharati, an institute of music started by Nikhil Ghosh. Recognised with a great talent at a young age, Bobby became a student of Ghosh’s senior disciple Aneesh Pradhan, now one of the most sought after tabla players in the world. Through Aneesh’s guidance, Bobby has nurtured into a mature and internationally renowned tabla player, both in traditional Indian classical music and cross cultural genres, and is renowned throughout Australia and internationally for his work with acts that straddle the divide between tradition and modernity. A resident of Australia, he still spends most of his time between India and Australia.

Bobby Singh has recorded many classical and fusion albums. He played on the Djan Djan album, which went on to win an Aria award for ‘Best World Music’. Bobby was then awarded a project fellowship by the Australia Council to compose new music.

In 2010, Bobby Singh was commissioned by The Sydney Festival to curate a stage at their flagship event ‘First Night’ which was called ‘Bobby Singh & Friends’.

Bobby has received numerous awards and accolades, and performed with some of the finest musicians in Australia and overseas.

Contact Top Shelf:
p: +61 2 9519 4149


Chintan Upadhyay

Born in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Chintan Upadhyay had his initial musical tutelage from his parents, who are teachers of music and musicology, and also from their guru, Laxmipati Shukla, a noted disciple of the famous vocalist Omkarnath Thakur. Chintan also had an opportunity to learn khayal from Ashvin Andharia, a disciple of Rasiklal Andharia.

After doing his Sangeet Alankar from Bruhad Gujarat Sangeet Samiti, he joined Lalit Kala Kendra of Pune University for a Masters degree in Music and received a National Scholarship from the Government of India. He completed the course under the mentorship of Dr. Vikas Kashalkar and Vijay Koparkar.

In 2004, Chintan became a disciple of the well-known dhrupad singer Uday Bhawalkar. Chintan has been accompanying his guru Uday Bhawalkar for concerts and workshops all over India.


Dhruv Visvanath

Photo By Rahul Lal 2011
Dhruv Visvanath started learning music since the age of 8, when he first learnt to play the piano. Later he was drawn to the guitar and has been playing the instrument for seven years. He plays the guitar in a percussive style where he uses the body of the guitar and the strings simultaneously and from time to time sings along as well. He often uses different or alternate tunings in his work to bring about new ideas and melodies.

He released his EP Chronicles.




Dilip Das and group

Hailing from a family of dhak (stick-drum) players, Dilip Das began learning dhak at the age of fifteen. His grandfather Sibcharan Das, was a dhak player from Bangladesh. His paternal uncle Brojendra Chandra Das, also a dhak player, migrated to India several years ago. His father Laxmi Das was also a dhak player.Dilip Das has played dhak on many important occasions like the Pune festival in 1985. He continues to perform extensively with his group.


Hari Bagade

Disciple of well-known pakhawaj player Arjun Shejwal and santoor player and composer Sunil Katti, pakhawaj player Hari Bagade has accompanied several eminent artistes in live concerts and studio recordings. A graded artiste of the All India Radio, Bagade has performed at prestigious venues in India and abroad.

Address: Devaki Sadan, PatnekarWada,V Patel Road, Dombivali(E), Mumbai-421201
Mob: +919920681518

Highway 61

Highway 61 is a Hindi/Urdu rock band based in Pune. The band was formed in the year 2008.
Each of the band members have been part of various rock bands over the past 5-6 years, and in that time have been through the rock/heavy metal/film music phase. They felt it was time for them to make some serious music, and it is with this intention that Highway 61 was conceived.

Every song of Highway 61 symbolizes their motto “Music, Expression, Freedom”. The Urdu/Hindi lyrics of each song combined with Rock come from personal experiences.
Mohammed Muneem: Lead Vocals/Lyricist
Born and raised in Kashmir, Muneem has been penning lyrics since the age of 14. Blessed with a powerful voice, Muneem has written songs such as Kashmir, Mazhab, and Mukhtalif.

Rohit Vasudevan: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Having completed his graduation in sitar, Rohit has a base in Indian classical music. Fascinated with the concept of new age and progressive rock, he also experiments with a lot of sounds.

Jatin Kale: Lead Guitar
Jatin on lead guitar proves to be a true catalyst for the band.

Rahul Majumdar: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Trained in Hindustani Classical Music and tabla since the age of 4, Rahul has been into music for over 20 years. Having a technical knowledge of both melody as well as rhythm, Rahul uses advanced bass playing techniques to add an extra dimension to the band.

Hardik Vaghela: Keys/Backing Vocals
A singer and guitarist in his own right, Hardik lends fillers, environment feels and keyboard solos to every song.

Anant Joshi: Drums
Anant gives the band a “Heavy-Metal” feel.

Contact:; +91 9823028623


Jaydeep Swadia

Jaydeep Swadia started his career in music at an early age of fourteen, with a children’s album. When he was eighteen, he won the Startrex competition organized by Music India Ltd. and McDowell’s, and thereafter, was invited by Music India Ltd. for an album of Hindi ghazals.

Jaydeep Swadia has several albums of geet, bhajan and ghazal to his credit and has composed and done playback for several serials being aired on various television channels.

He performs regularly in India and overseas.

Jaydeep Swadia will be accompanied by Sachin Pimpale (tabla) and Prashant Pimpale (percussion)

Address: 401B Alaknanda Apts, Dattani Park, Kandivali (E), Mumbai-400101
Mob: +919821072106

Joe Vessaokar

Joe Vessaokar is a self-taught musician, who began playing the trumpet since 1962 with his father and others. He has been a member of the Bombay Chamber Orchestra since 1973, a member of the Bombay Saloon of Music, and a member of the Cine Musician Association.

Joe has taught music in many schools in Mumbai, and gives private tuitions on various instruments.

At present, he is the bandleader of The Contemporary Dance Band.

He is experienced in playing a variety of musical genres.

Address: 129/A, Bazar Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai 400 050
Mobile: +91 9820920199


Manipur Drummers

Sanjoy Singh, Ranbir Singh, Sunder Singh, Neelachandra Singh, will perform at the Jalsaghar and the Amphie Theatre at Baajaa Gaajaa 2012. They will present Pung Cholom and Dhol Dholok Cholom.Baajaa Gaajaa 2012 wishes to thank well-known Manipuri dancer Priti Patel and Director of Anjika Centre of Manipuri Dance & Movement Therapy for having facilitated the performances of the Manipuri drummers.

Marc-Inti Maennel Saavedra

Marc-Inti Maennel Saavedra (Bolivia/Germany) is one of Germany’s top bass players. After gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz and Popular Music, Marc-Inti gained experience by playing various styles of music like Jazz, Soul, African, Latin, Gnawa, Blues, Flamenco, Rock and Pop. He is grateful to have performed and recorded for several well-known German and international

Max Clouth

After graduating in Jazz guitar from Dresden University, German guitarist Max Clouth, started working and playing with Jazz and Blues greats. He has since collaborated with some of the best world/jazz musicians and other instrumentalists and singers from across the world. Since 2009 he has settled in Mumbai where he is currently studying Indian Classical Music with well-known tabla and sitar player Nayan Ghosh.


Pandurang Pawar

Pandurang Pawar started learning tabla at the age of six from Ramdas Bhoyar. He has the knowledge, of the techniques of many Gharanas like Delhi, Farukhabad, Ajrada, Lucknow and Punjab. He has performed at many places in India and has many awards and recognitions to his credit.

Pia Sukanya

Photo credit for Pia and Anurag picture: Abhishek Sharma

Pia Sukanya is a Singer-Songwriter whose music making springs from her Indian classical vocal training which, combined with influences of American folk, allows her to scat using alaaps. After several performances at Blue Frog and other venues in Bombay and Delhi, as well as London’s Cadogan Hall, a growing audience has seen and heard Pia.
Pia is also an actor and performed at Baajaa Gaajaa 2011 in the hit musical play Stories in a Song, directed by Sunil Shanbag and conceived by Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan.
Pia is about to direct her first Hindi feature film, The Phone Thief, co-written with Michael Ward and Aarti Bagdi. The film is set in Bombay, the city Pia has made her home. Pia also plans to produce and act in a music-based feature film set in Cambridge, which will use her original compositions.
Anurag Shanker, an accomplished music producer, arranger and composer, regularly accompanies Pia on guitar.

Pink Noise

Kolkata-based band Pinknoise is the late night alter ego of Skinny Alley. The quartet was formed in 2006 to make sophisticated improvised rock, and has since morphed into a search for stories in energy, language, space and consciousness.jay /voice
amyt / guitar & synth
babascience / bass
jiver / beat & signals
Bookings: Shazneen Acharia / +919820441075;

Prachi Dublay

A vocalist in Hindustani Music, Prachi was born into a family of artists. She completed her Bachelors and Masters in Music with distinction from M.S. University, Vadodara & Pune University. Now based in Pune, Prachi has received advance training in music from eminent vocalist Dr. Suhasini Koratkar.
Prachi also studied Urdu poetry under the guidance of late Prof. Satish Bahadur, a well-known film critic and Urdu scholar. Additionally, Prachi took special lessons from the respected scholar and musician, late Dr. Ashok Da. Ranade.
Her husband, vocalist Sameer Dublay also guides her.
Interested in pursuing the study of song-texts of different regions of India, Prachi has equipped herself with a repertoire that spans genres like thumri-dadra, traditional ghazals, folk songs, bhajans and musical renditions of Sufi poetry.

With several years of experience as a performer and broadcaster, Prachi also has commercial recordings to her credit. She has been performing all over India and abroad for last several years.

Prachi has been honoured as Best Playback Singer by the Government of Gujarat. She also has received two prestigious fellowships from Department of Culture, Government of India. Among the awards she received is the Best Emerging Performer award instituted by Gaanvardhan, Pune. She also lent her voice to films, one of which is the much-acclaimed Oscar nominated Marathi film Shwaas. Other than performances and recording projects, Prachi is currently engaged in a project based on Tribal Music of India carried forward by Bhasha Research Centre, India as a music-score-writer. The first phase of the project is completed and a CD and book have been published by Bhasha in Nov 2011. Next phase takes place at Chhattisgarh and Prachi is all set to work in Adivasi fields from Feb 2012.

Pratap Awad

Pratap Awad began learning pakhawaj at the age of twelve under Subhash Maharaj Deshmukh, from Parali, Maharashtra. After three years, he received advanced training for four years from Uddhavji Aapegaonkar at Ambajogai. For the last two years, he studied under respected teacher Vasantrao Ghopadkar in Pune. Presently, he is receiving training from well-known tabla player Arvind Kumar Azad in Pune.Pratap is a B grade artist at the AIR, Aurangabad. He accompanies dhrupad singers in India and abroad. He has also played in cross-cultural music experiments.He has won the First Prize in the ‘All India Radio Competition, 2007’. He has also won the ‘Talmani Puraskar’ from Sursingar Samsad, Mumbai in 2008. He was a Gold Medalist at the 12th Rashtriya Mohotsav, Orissa in 2010.

Prateek Kuhad


Ramakant Gaiwad

Born on 13th May 1988, Ramakant started learning Hindustani classical vocal music at an early age of four, from his father Suryakant Gaikwad. He started performing at the age of six and has many awards and recognitions to his credit.

Rameshwar Dholi

Rameshwar Dholi is from Barmer District of Rajasthan. As an 8th generation drummer, Rameshwar is continuing his family’s hereditary profession by performing and by teaching the youngsters of his community. There are 7 members in his family including him — Mother, 2 brothers, wife and 2 children. Dhol is the main source of income for his family.

The main patrons of the art and the musicians are the Thakurs of their village, Hukum Singh & Mahesa Sardar.

 In addition to the various dance genres that dhol accompanies (garba, bhangara, gair, ghoomar), the instrument was used in the past to create awareness of impending dangers in the village, including fires.

Rameshwar and group appear in Baajaa Gaajaa 2012 courtesy Jodhpur RIFF.

Ravindra Katoti

Born in a family of music lovers in the year 1969, Ravindra started learning Hindustani classical harmonium at the age of eight. Since then, renowned harmonium player Rambhau Bijapure accepted him as a disciple.

Ravindra’s harmonium solo playing is marked by the gayaki ang presentation and he presents forms like khayal, thumri, dhun, and natyageet.

He has won several prizes, scholarships and awards. Karnataka Sangeet Nritya Academy awarded him three years’ scholarship (1986-1989). He was honoured at the hands of His Excellency Dr. P. C. Alexander, the then Governor, Maharashtra State, for his performance in the Yuva Sangeetotsav held at Ujjain (M.P.), organised by South Central Cultural Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur (1993). Bhatkande Lalitkala Academy Raipur, M.P. conferred upon him the title, Sur Ratna (1994).

He has been awarded the Sangeet Alankar degree by Akhil Bharateeya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Miraj (1995).

Ravindra is a regular performer on AIR and DoorDarshan. Many of his performances are also broadcast by private TV channels, FM radio channels and internet radio channels.

Ravindra has also established himself as an able accompanist and received acclaim from many vocalists, organisers and connoisseurs. He has performed throughout the country and abroad, both as a soloist and an accompanist.

Presently, Ravindra is member of the Commerce faculty of the Government First Grade College, Bangalore.

He has been awarded a doctoral degree in Commerce by the Karnataka University, Dharwad.

Ravindra is focusing his efforts on training young harmonium players, some of who are already performing as soloist and accompanists. He has prepared a DVD entitled Learn to play Harmonium for beginners.

He has been instrumental in instituting the Bijapure Harmonium Foundation in Bangalore. This forum is dedicated to the cause of promoting harmonium, and is named after the harmonium exponent Rambhau Bijapure. The Foundation has been organizing music events that project harmonium as an independent instrument. The Harmonium Habba, an annual event, is gaining wide popularity among musicians and connoisseurs as well. The Foundation has produced audio CDs and a video documentary on Rambhau Bijapure. His biography, Swarayana has also been published, documenting five generations of music in and around Belgaum.

Ravindra is also a composer and music arranger. He has also collaborated with accordion players, flautists, sarangi and guitar players.


Santosh Sant

Flautist Santosh Sant hails from a family of musicians from Gwalior, and received his early training in Hindustani classical music from his father Vasantrao Sant, a Gwalior gharana vocalist. He was subsequently trained by Gwalior based sitar player Shriram Umdekar. Santosh Sant later moved to Mumbai to learn from flute maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Santosh accompanies his guru regularly in concerts and also performs as a solo artiste in several prestigious music festivals.

He is the recipient of the gold medal awarded by the Department of Culture, Government of India, and the Directorate General of All India Radio in 1990. He was also honoured with the Abhinav Kala Samman by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Shubha Joshi

Vocalist Shubha Joshi received training in classical music from stalwarts of the Bhendi Bazar gharana. Her gurus were Pandurang Amberkar, Ramesh Nadkarni, Master Navrang, and Taj Ahmed Khan. She secured a First Class for Master’s degree in music from the SNDT University, Mumbai. She received training in thumri-dadra and ghazal from renowned vocalist Shobha Gurtu, composer Ninu Mazumdar and his wife Kaumudi Munshi, and Taj Ahmed Khan.

Thus, Shubha Joshi presents khayal, thumri-dadra, ghazal, bhajan and other forms. In addition, she has also lent her voice for feature films made by noted filmmakers and for music composed by well-known music directors.

She has performed at many prestigious festivals in India and overseas.

Siddhesh Bicholkar

Having imbibed primary lessons in music since childhood, Siddhesh received guidance from Sharad Mathkar in Goa. The difficult and lesser-known art of jaltarang playing was taken up by Siddhesh with inspiration from Sharad Mathkar, who personally crafted his first set of jaltarang (a percussive-melodic instrument having a series of ceramic containers filled with different levels of water to give different pitches when struck with sticks).

Siddhesh was later placed under the tutelage of Tulsidas Borkar, renowned harmonium exponent and guru. He gained valuable knowledge about instrumental recitals and classical music from Tulsidas Borkar, which enabled him to present jaltarang recitals, a very rare occurrence in Indian classical music today.

Siddhesh has been the recipient of many scholarships from the Government of India among others. He is presently employed as a classical music teacher at Sharda Sangeet Vidyalaya, Mumbai.

c/o Sharda Sangeet Vidyalaya, M.Kalelkar Marg, Bandra (East), Mumbai -400051.
Mobile – +91 9869215576;


Sigmasix is a Geneva based company whose aim is to experiment in the fields of visual creation. They make music videos and custom experimental installations for customers large and small. They see the future like a playground, trying new technologies and new ways of mixing different kind of media. Sigmasix is Eric Morzier and Florian Pittet.

43, route des Acacias – 1227 Les Acacias (Suisse)
+41 22 301 91 65 | |


From left – Raveen Pandey (Keyboardist), Rudy Wallang (Guitarist/ Vocals), Tipriti Kharbangar (Guitarist/ Vocals), Sam Shullai (Drummer) and Leon Wallang (Bassist).
Photographer – Dipayan Bhatacharjee
Inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues, Blues-rock, Soul, Rock ‘n Roll, Funk and R&B, Soulmate came together in Shillong in February 2003 and since then have played numerous gigs all over India and abroad. They have played at several important festivals across the world.Soulmate have recorded two albums thus far, Shillong and Moving On and are in the process of putting down songs for their next one.

Singer/songwriter/guitar master Rudy Wallang leads this tight knit musical unit. Born into music, he grew up listening to his father Toto Wallang making music and he started singing and playing the ukulele at a very tender age, eventually graduating to the guitar. Today, Rudy is one of the foremost singer/songwriter/blues guitar players in the country.

The vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Soulmate is Tipriti „Tips‟ Kharbangar who has earned a name as one of the finest female singers to have emerged out of Shillong. She started out singing gospel songs at the local church choir and is now drawn to the Blues, Soul and Jazz.

When playing live, Soulmate are joined by Leon Wallang on Bass Guitar, Sam Shullai on Drums and Raveen Panday on Keyboards.

Soulmate on the Web: Music & Pages
Manager: Keith Wallang
Mobile: +91 (0) 94361 19961

Swapnil Bhise

Mumbai-based tabla player Swapnil Bhise, studied under Chandrakant A. Bhosekar, Praveen Karkare, and Yogesh Samsi. He has completed the tabla Visharad course at the Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Vidyalaya.
Swapnil has received several prizes like the gold medal at the All India Inter-University Association,Youth Festival, National level.
He has performed on Indian Television and AIR. He has also provided tabla accompaniment to several vocalists, instrumentalists and dancers, and has presented solo recitals.

Address: A/4,Om Swastik CHS Ltd., Ambika nagar, Gograswadi, Dombivli (East)-421201.
Tel: 95251-2-420706
Mobile: 9967494388


Taal Vadya Pathak

One of the prominent dhol-tasha pathaks or groups in Pune, the Taal Vadya Pathak has around hundred performers. They have performed for Ganesh Utsav celebrations and for a historical play.Address: Parikshet F. Phand – A/24 Shivshakti, Vidyut Nagar Society, South Main Rd., Lane 5, Koregaon Park
Mob: +919822259990, +919049989880


Ujjalendu Chakrabarti

Ujjalendu Chakrabarti was born at Calcutta on 5th June, 1959, in a family involved in Rabindra Sangeet. He received his initial training on sitar under Someswar Guha of the Vilayat Khani style. Later, he became a disciple of Krishna Bhattacharya (Baruipur) of the Inayat Khani and Dabir Khani (Rampur-Seni Beenkar) styles. He studied sitar and vocal music under the guidance of Krishna Bhattacharya. He completed his Masters degree in instrumental music from the Rabindra Bharati University of Calcutta in the year 1981 and was a topper in his class. He also completed post-graduation in other fields like Library Science and History from the Calcutta University. From 1983, he has been training under the guidance of well-known sitar and surbahar player Santosh Banerjee (Calcutta) of the Rampur-Seni Beenkar gharana. Ujjalendu Chakrabarti is the only surbahar student of Santosh Banerjee.

He has played sitar and surbahar in India and abroad, and has worked as Demonstrator and Lecturer of Hindustani Classical music in Central and South America for more than a year and a half.

Since the past five years, he has been playing surbahar duets with his guru Santosh Banerjee in many concerts in India.

Ujjalendu Chakrabarti is a teacher at the Ramkrishna Mission, Narendrapur, Kolkata.

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