Tribal (Dangi) music of Gujarat

Somabhai Povar (Dangi) – Thaali vaadan, Gangli, Doi-tara, Mahuripawa, vocal
Budhabahi Bhoi (Dangi) – Madal, Bamboo Madal
Anabhai Thakrya (Dangi) -Madal
Dangis encompass 3 tribal communities from south Gujarat – Bhils, Warli and Konkona. The Bhils hail from the Dang region while the Warlis and Konkonas are migrants from Maharashtra.
Somabhai is a ‘Thalivadak’ (story teller) from the Bhil community and is the fourth generation following their music tradition. He comes from the Rajvanshi lineage where the music talks of paramparas and kathas of kings and Gods. They are invited to narrate stories on occasions such as birth, death and illness.
Budhabhai and Anabhai are ‘Madaliyas’ a Konkani instrument, which is now nearing extinction. ‘Madal’ is a double-sided drum. It is a ritualistic instrument. Their songs are knows as ‘Chalas’. Their music revolves around traditional rhythms like katriya, dhobing, thisria and chalivarla. They are invited to play at the weddings. Each rhythm is a part of specific ritual and is played accordingly. The Dangi music is traditionally accompanied by dance.

Photo courtesy- David Dsouza
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The Dangi artistes are:

Somabhai Pavar
Kerubhai Pavar
Anubhai Thakrey
Budhabhai Dhoi
Kalubhai Pavar
Tulisirambhai Pava

The performance of the Dangi group in Baajaa Gaajaa 2011 has been facilitated by Snehal R. Avashia

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